This page includes both video and audio clips for replay at your convenience!

Firstly, some essential sounds from the series. These are Windows .wav files and if saved to your hard disk can be used as desktop sounds! We hope you like them.

Each of these is a 16-bit mono sample, to preserve the audio quality. In each case the file size is shown, on average each file will take a couple of minutes to download.

A Greeting From The Narrator (252KB)
Hup two quarterback... it's Askrigg, the sportiest of the Rottentrolls (264KB)
Aysgarth It would never have happened in his day... (168KB)
Kettlewell She'll deck ya! (198KB)
Commander Harris JimJamYAHA's just for you! (138KB)
Great Nab Totally non spurious, man! (184KB)
King Roger's famous words (243KB)
Trucklecrag recites a Norweigan spell (290KB)
Small Nab thinks this website's wicked (69KB)
Yockenthwaite a compilation of yo-o's (324KB)
Sigsworthy Crags argues with Yockenthwaite (385KB)

Next we have some short RealVideo clips of some classic moments from previous episodes. Click on the picture to get the video clip - you'll need a recent version of RealPlayer to be able to view. Go here to download.

All you need to know about Yockenthwaite.

The Nab Twins, the teenage Rottentrolls, perform their song "Cross The Grid" and get upstaged by their backing singers. Taken from "The Monsters of Rock Festival".

A re-cap of how it all began. Discover how one of Merlin's early weather experiments going wrong resulted in some strange Norweigan trolls finding themselves in a Yorkshire valley.

One of King Roger's many comic arguments with the narrator!

Commander Harris demonstrates the ancient martial art of combat without contact, JimJamYAHA!

The day the Rottentrolls discovered an old comic and invented their own band of superheroes - the Power Surfers. But as ever, the hapless Yockenthwaite lets the side down...

Blacksyke, whom the Rottentrolls elected as their Prime Minister when she falsely promised to build them a leisure centre, gets her just desserts, but perhaps not quite the way you'd expect...

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