Commander Harris is the master of JimJamYAHA! and this strange and mystical martial art recurs throughout the series.

Commander Harris was introduced to JimJamYAHA! whilst serving with the King's Own Fusiliers in northern Korea. The unit of which he was the mascot was sent up the river Kwong-Hak to retrieve another unit's sheep mascot which was said to have gone a bit mad in the jungle. He was sent in to retrieve the sheep and found him in an old temple practising a strange silent form of combat without contact without contact which enabled him to knock people flying with just a short movement of the front hooves. Commander Harris did not manage to persuade the sheep to return, but he did learn the rudiments of this fantastic martial art.

A combination of Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Tai-Chi and Yogic Meditation it involves razor precise movements of the forearms and is very difficult to master, as King Roger has discovered. After months of practising he is still only at the level of First Jam. There are seventeen Jams to pass through before you achieve the level of Grandmaster, each one is a test of such things as survival, bravery and cookery!

Click here for a demonstration of technique!

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