Coronation Valley
Roger Beckett (10 3/4) crashes his bike into a valley of crazy, knee-high Rottentrolls, who immediately think he's their king and plan a disastrous coronation.
The Rubbish Monster
Troller's Ghyll is invaded by two litter-mad survivalists in an orange tent, and it's up to King Roger to sort them out.
Rottentroll of the Year
King Roger is given the terrible task of choosing the Rottentroll of the Year without upsetting everybody else.
The Extraordinary Dinner Telephone
King Roger invents an "Extraordinary Dinner Telephone" to summon the Rottentrolls to their meals. A brilliant idea, or is it?
King Yockenthwaite
Chaos in Troller's Ghyll as Roger let's Yockenthwaite, the stupidest of the Rottentrolls, take over as king.
The Giant Floating Sprout
Having recently found a giant floating sprout, Sigsworth Crags (the maddest of the Rottentrolls) attempts to fly to Africa.
The Great Rescue
Little Strid, the Rottentroll's baby trollslip, is missing. Can King Roger rescue her from the horrible Barguest?
The Civil War
A superhero craze sweeps the Ghyll as the younger Rottentrolls become infatuted with King Roger's old comics.
The Great Television Franchise
Commander Harris mistakenly picks up television on one of his radar dishes and pretty soon nothing can prise the Rottentrolls away from the screens...
The Miner's Strike
An old fan heater is the cause of a passionate industrial dispute among the Rottentrolls.
The Gambling Crisis
"What's gambling?", asks Yockenthwaite and pretty soon the entire population of Troller's Ghyll is hooked on Slug Roulette!
The Art Gallery
All the Rottentrolls paint pictures to go in the new art gallery, and there are surprising revelations!
The Football Sponsorship Scandal
King Roger has a new football and as all the Rottentrolls pile in to play, Penyghent - a GIRL - turns out to be the Alan Shearer of the Ghyll!
Dirty Tricks
King Roger suggests the Rottentrolls find themselves a Prime Minister. Three contenders emerge as the electioneering gets underway...
The First Rottentroll Revolution
The Rottentrolls are unhappy with their Prime Minister and pretty soon the unrest boils over...
The Complimentary Cafetiere
Yockenthwaite books a demonstration for a vacuum cleaner in the hope of acquiring a complimentary cafetiere. Pretty soon a salesman is on his way to the valley - will the Rottentrolls secret be uncovered?
The New Princess
King Roger drops a devastating bombshell that changes the valley forever, just as Commander Harris spots a mysterious shape in the bracken.
The Monsters of Rock Festival
The Nab Twins decide that their band Cattle Grid should be the headline act at the Rottentroll's answer to Glastonbury - their first rock festival.
Commander Harris Loses It
Commander Harris takes Princess Kate, Yockenthwaite and Penyghent on an all-night yomp in the forest and falls into a Predator-style hallucinatory trance.
The Almighty Underwater Chicken
Princess Kate goes mad with the Rottentrolls when she finds them worshipping a massive ninety-foot high metal chicken in the valley!
Twelve Angry Trolls
Aysgarth is the victim of a disgusting practical joke - or is it? Small Nab is under suspicion. The first Rottentroll court is convened to bring him to justice.
The Incredibly Frightening Sheet
Yockenthwaite enlists the help of Trucklecrag (the slightly disappointing magician) to make himself look really scary for Halloween.
The Rottentroll Olympics
Princess Kate tries to organise the first Rottentroll Olympic Games but Yockenthwaite accidentally rearranges the rules for each game and creates a whole tournament of new sports.
The Appalling Voice Swap
On a perfectly normal sunny day in Troller's Ghyll, King Roger and Princess Kate walk up the valley chatting... but something is horribly wrong amongst the Rottentrols.
The Mid-Air Disaster
Princess Kate and Yockenthwaite are playing Scrabble in Commander Harris' hut when one gust of wind is enough to set the hut toppling and dangling by just a hoover flex!
The Time Capsule
In burying a time capsule for future generations, the Rottentrolls find out about Aysgarth's and Blacksyke's mother and we find out what the Rottentrolls will be doing in the year 3000.
The Trendy Trainers
Yockenthwaite tries to be as cool as the Nab Twins but can he ever manage to stop being a berk?
The Stake Out
A crime wave hits Troller's Ghyll so Princess Kate and Penyghent turn into Cagney and Lacey to find out who is responsible.
Trucklecrag's Aftershave
King Roger is invited to his first serious girl-kissing party, and Trucklecrag prepares him some very special manly aftershave to wear.
Commander Harris In Love
Commander Harris is running a recruitment campaign for the Troller's Ghyll SAS - but then falls head over hooves in love with Peaches - a female sheep staying in the next field.
The Four Missing Eyes
Strid's painting of the time she was captured by the Barguest (see "The Great Rescue") shows two extra pairs of eyes, peeking out from the dark corners of the Barguest's lair. But whose eyes are they?
The Cattle Grid World Tour
King Roger's got tickets to see Catatonia, and before long the Nab Twins are taking their awful rock band Cattle Grid on a world tour.
The Extremely Tempting Caravan
Yockenthwaite falls prey to temptation. He leaves the valley at night to experience the outside world - television, the internet - and caravans.
Full Metal Jimjam
Princess Kate's being bullied at school by nasty Hazel Bill. Can Commander Harris help with any lesser-known forms of JimJamYaHA! perhaps?
Sigsworthy's Final Rocket
Sigsworthy Crags has one last try at blasting himself into orbit in a new spaceship fashioned from a dustbin. Who knows what he'll discover?
Yockenthwaite, The Amazing Puppet
The Ministry of Defence arrive at Troller's Ghyll, convinced of alien presence. Can Yockenthwaite persuade them that he's just a puppet?

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